Leaping lemurs! Hissing cockroaches! Cave-dwelling crocs! Meet one-of-a-kind wildlife from the world’s fourth largest island. Towering baobobs and octopus trees, forested deserts, and other enchanting habitats will transport you there.

What to See and Do

Go spelunking.
Nile crocodiles and colorful freshwater fish found only in Madagascar make their home in a limestone tsingy cave.

See four types of lemurs leap, cuddle, and call.
These unique primates whistle, grumble, and meow; leap through the canopy or hang upside-down; and cuddle together “choo-choo" style.

Prowl the forest trail to find a fossa.
This solitary mammal is related to a mongoose and has a body like a puma, but is a predator not quite like any other!

Decipher a field scientist’s clues in the Discovery Area.
Peek into a viewscope to see snakes in hiding, follow tortoise tracks, and find out who raided an iguana’s nest.

Watch the movie Small Wonders, Big Threats.
Discover some of Madagascar’s tiniest treasures, like leaf-tailed geckos and tomato frogs, and learn about the threats they face.

Protecting Wildlife Habitat in Madagascar

The Wildlife Conservation Society worked with the Malagasy government to establish the protected areas of Masoala and Makira. WCS now co-manages these areas. The parks together span 1.6 million acres and provide a safe haven for half of Madagascar’s species, including rare and endangered animals found nowhere else on Earth. Uncharted areas of Masoala and Makira undoubtedly harbor natural wonders yet to be discovered.

After a trek to Madagascar, stroll over to the Sea Lion Pool.