Transport yourself to the tropics! Inside our Asian jungle, the warm air is just right for otters, gibbons, and a tapir, among nearly 800 other critters that live in mangroves and beaches, sharing their homes just as they would in the wild. 

What to See and Do

Be a rubbernecker.

The traffic’s in the trees! Look up to see a pair of white-cheeked gibbons swing by or an Indian roller flash its bright blue wings.

Hear real jungle tunes.
Visit in the morning to hear the gibbons singing. Their duet is the way they announce their presence to other forest critters.

Trade people-watching for wildlife-watching.
Observe family dynamics: Watch a romp of small-clawed otters at play, or a troop of ebony langurs bickering over lettuce leaves.

Don’t bug out.
Stag beetles and scorpions, fire-bellied toads…An “unseen multitude” creeps along the forest floor—and in here, behind glass!

Get a fisheye view.
At the end of your journey, take a seat by the pond. Relax and watch giant gourami and Fly River turtles swim under a waterfall.

Unlock the rainforest’s mysteries.
While more than 90 percent of all the world’s species of plants and animals come from the tropics, only half are known to science!

Your next activity at the zoo could be a visit to the African Plains.