Congo Gorilla Forest

Go nose-to-nose with gorillas in a 6.5-acre swath of the rainforest that will transport you to the heart of Africa. Your Congo wildlife safari will be packed with surprises as you trek beneath the canopy of leaves, through sprays of mist, and up to treetop lookouts.

What to See and Do

See gorillas in your midst.
More than 20 western lowland gorillas romp right before your eyes. See if you can identify who’s who using our gorilla ID plaques.

Monkey see-monkey do.
Call like a colobus, stretch your limbs like a guenon, groom your sister like a marmoset, and shake your body like a mandrill!

View the world from a python’s perspective.
Through an infrared camera, you’ll see yourself just as the snake does—a patchwork of colors, radiating heat!

Watch Saving Africa’s Forests. (Running-time: 8 min.)
Take a movie break for an inspiring film about the work of WCS conservationists to protect wildlife in the green heart of Africa.

Be a gorilla guardian.
Choose which of your favorite Congolese wildlife species your admission fee will help protect.

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