Children's Zoo

As our Children's Zoo undergoes exciting changes, it is currently closed.

Climb into a bird’s nest, hop like a wallaby, and feed a goat! There’s plenty for little fingers and big eyes to touch and see in this cozy, three-acre setting full of kids' activities. Experience firsthand various types of animal habitats, locomotion, senses, and defenses.

What to See and Do

Try out animal homes.
Shimmy up a spider’s web, burrow through a prairie dog town, and watch night herons build stick-nests.

Trade hands and feet for paws and claws.
Leap like a lemur, crawl like a tortoise, and hop like a frog.

Test your animal defenses.
Zoom down our tree slide like a lizard dashing out of trouble, or warn off danger by releasing a whiff of stinky skunk.

Touch velvety noses and furry ears.
Feed a handful of grain to goats, sheep, and llamas at the barn area.

Take your picture with a chicken.
On your way out, take home a keepsake of your Children’s Zoo visit by posing with an animal at our photo booth.

Don't forget to stop by the Bug Carousel!