Butterfly Garden

Experience the wonder of butterflies and other backyard bugs in a lush wild meadow and spacious greenhouse. Inside the conservatory, classical music creates a soothing backdrop as you amble among monarchs, julias, and other winged beauties.

What to See and Do

Be a butterfly detective.
Pick up a map on your way into the garden and use it to identify all the speckled and striped wings you see along the trail.

Take pictures of the bugs…we mean, the kids.
At our Pollination Hall of Fame photo-op station, kids can transform themselves into bumblebees, midge flies, and other “buzzy” insects!

Take time to smell the flowers.
Inhale the fragrance of lilac, echinacea, and other native New York flowering shrubs and wildflowers.

Learn what makes a bug a bug.
Trace the life cycles of a dragonfly, a swallowtail, and a black ant. Peek into our Nursery to learn how zookeepers care for butterflies.

Explore the butterfly’s role in the ecosystem.
“So important are insects that if they were to disappear, humanity probably could not last more than a few months.”—E.O. Wilson

Get Involved: Plant a Garden for Butterflies

Create a nectar bar in your backyard! You can attract pretty wings to your own backyard by planting vibrant, nectar-rich bushes and flowers. A stroll through the Butterfly Garden will give you tips on how to cultivate a garden to attract butterflies and help conserve the insect world.