Baboon Reserve

Hightail it to the Ethiopian highlands! This stunning slice of “African Alps” is among the largest primate exhibits in the U.S. On its grassy slopes, geladas, a close relative of baboons, graze and romp alongside Nubian ibexes, rock hyraxes, and African waterfowl.

What to See and Do

Watch monkey theater.
From multiple vantage points, you can watch the geladas as they wade in their stream, graze along the hillside, or groom each other from a rocky lookout spot. Our gelada group seems to enjoy people watching, too! undefined

Meet a mega-family.
Extremely social rock hyraxes live in groups of up to 60 individuals in the wild. Life on the cliff-face our colony calls home is always busy.

Uncover natural gems.
Follow the path of an eroded riverbed to a fossil dig station to check out what scientists have turned up in sub-Saharan Africa.

Have lunch with a view.
Take a lunch break at Somba Village, where picnic tables face the geladas’ hillside. Shop for zoo wares at the African Market.

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