African Plains

Trek past lions, storks, and zebras on a typical African savanna. Herds of gazelles share their home with nyalas and African wild dogs and giraffes eye each other across a plain. It’s as close to the Serengeti as you can get in the Bronx!

What to See and Do

Discover Africa’s top dogs.
A glass-fronted viewing pavilion lets you get very close to a pack of charismatic African wild dogs. See them roam, dig, and swim. 

Step right up, meet the tallest animals in the world!
Stretch out your neck and look way up to greet our giraffes. These giants of the African savanna grow to heights of 15 to 18 feet! 

Boogie down with the horse’s wild punk rock cousins.
…We mean the zebras, of course! The world’s largest wild equid, the Grevy’s zebra is part of the animal group that includes horses and donkeys.

Get within roaring distance of lions.
You may be used to the roar of the crowd or the roar of traffic…but have you heard the roar of a 400-pound cat?

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